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Infinite Koth

Infinite Koth

Want more than just a boring old regular koth? Infinite Koth is a 24/7 Koth with incrementing rewards.
Depends on ManticLib
- 24/7 Koth
- Interval Rewards
- Formulas for rewards (using Nashorn Javascript Engine)
- Restart protection for cappers
- PAPI Placeholders (%infinitekoth_time%%infinitekoth_capper%)
- Leaderboard Gui
- Configurable Messages
- InfiniteKothCapEvent and InfiniteKothUncapEvent for Developers
- Vanish and Gamemode checks
Let's say you've set your interval for rewards to every 5 minutes - you will receive a reward every 5 minutes.
If you use formulas (we can help if needed), your rewards can increase the longer the player caps.
Rewards can be capped within the formulas (i.e. Math.min(80000000,5000000*{0}) where {0} is the reward number).
Every time the player is knocked, the time is reset - therefore there is an incentive for the player to not get knocked in order to receive a greater reward.