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The Best Premium Harvester Hoe plugin with Upgrades, Enchants and more...
šŸŒ¾ Mantic Harvester Hoes (1.8 -> 1.20.x)
Brief Current Feature List
āž™ Prestige System
āž™ Harvest Event
āž™ Regular sell messages
āž™ Built in Economy (Tokens) and Shop
āž™ First Join Tool
āž™ Automatic Captcha System
āž™ Auto Grow Feature
āž™ 10+ Pre-Made Upgradable Enchants (EXP Finder, Money Finder, Token Finder, Key Finder, Spawner Finder, Harvest Booster, Haste, Shockwave, Autosell & Soul Bound)
āž™ Create your own custom upgradable enchants in our config
āž™ Extremely configurable configs, messages and commands
āž™ Toggleable Autosell with ShopGuiPlus integration and a prices config
āž™ Multiple types of Harvester Hoes
āž™ Individual Crop Leaderboards (& Tokens)
āž™ Drop Confirmation
āž™ Auto Replant
āž™ Custom Modal Data support
āž™ Internal economy can be integrated with ManticRods, MiningEconomy and ManticSwords economy!
āž™ Player-based hoes (by default) or non player-based hoes
āž™ 6+ menus
āž™ Developer API
Integrates: PlaceholderAPI (docs.mantic.dev/mantichoes/placeholders), SkyblockKore, FactionsKore, CubeGenerator, SuperMobCoins, EcoBits, JobsReborn, ShopGuiPlus, EconomyShopGUI & more...
Supported Crops: Sugarcane, Cocoa Beans, Wheat, Potatoes, Carrots, Nether Warts, Beetroot, Melons, Pumpkin, Glow Berries & Bamboo.
(Requires ManticLib - free in #downloads)