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Server Bot

Server Bot

The only discord bot you need for your server.
Key Features
➻ Ticket System (w/ categories | buttons/menus)
➻ Levelling System
➻ Welcome/Leave Messages
➻ Advanced Logging System
➻ Reaction Roles
➻ Say & Embed cmd
➻ Giveaway System
➻ Modal Applications
➻ Auto Role System
➻ Poll System
➻ Fun cmds (/meme, /fact)
➻ Invite tracker
➻ Invite block for all invites except your own discord servers one
➻ Anti Mass Ping System
➻ Automatically changing status
➻ First boost notification
➻ Level 3 boost loss notification
➻ Promotion and demote system
➻ Extremely configurable (and able to disable unwanted commands)
and more...
Free Modules:
➻ Minecraft Module (Leader, Multiple Playing Panels, Strikes)
➻ Music Bot
➻ AI Module (requires OpenAI key + credits)
👨‍💻 Language Java
(The main bot in the Mantic Discord is this one)