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■ Bug fixes and performance enhancements
■ All of your expected Island Commands. (SuperiorSkyblock2 Fork - plugins that hook into ss2 should work with this)
■ Island Seechunk (Chunk borders feature - /is seechunk)
■ Island Baltop (View richest members of your island - /is baltop)
■ Island List (View the most active islands - /is list)
■ Island Top Chat Message (Option of GUI, TEXT or BOTH)
■ Island Mutes (Mute a whole Island - /is mute /is unmute)
■ Island Strikes (Strike an island - /is strike /is unstrike /is strikelist) & Webhooks
■ Island Report (Report an island, webhook based system - /is report [island] [reason])
■ Island Drain (Drain the richest members of your island, must have /is draintoggle enabled - /is drain /is drainlist)
■ Island Inspect (Hooks into CoreProtect so players can view logs of their island)
■ Island Logins (Join / Quit messages from your island members - /is logins)
■ Removed /is lang function
■ Completely reformatted /is help (since the default one is horrible)
■ Added configurable placeholders (with island or without island options), usable in chat so could improve tidyness, also added role symbols (i.e. , , , +)
■ Stacked Spawner Support: SkyblockKore, CloudSpawners, AdvancedSpawners, EpicSpawners, MergedSpawners, PvPingSpawners, RoseStacker, SilkSpawners, UltimateStacker and WildStacker.
■ Added Coreprotect logging for various stacked spawner plugins (disabled by default)
■ Built in Island Top Discord Webhooks
■ Island Roster System (commands & gui) & auto rotation
■ Added Single Island Chest Option (rather than the ability to chose multiple ones)
■ Added Island Relational Placeholders: %rel_superior_relation_colour%
Example Usage: [%rel_superior_relation_colour%%superior_island_name_raw%]
■ Implemented an Island Creation Queue System